September 2, 2008

Watching the sox crush the orioles

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  • Rob Go
     - 12 minutes ago
    Our latest story on the Traction podcast: Quitting Google, beating cancer, and bootstrapping a SaaS startup
  • Lee Hower
     - 1 hour ago
    The Story of a Google-Spurning, Cancer-Beating, Bowtie-Wearing, Bootstrapped Founder [Traction Podcast #6]
  • Rob Go
     - 18 hours ago
    As we like to say, find true believers. Or in this case, Girl Scout cookie lovers
  • Rob Go
     - 18 hours ago
    @taylorwclauson I have a truly hilarious story about this that is hard to tel over twitter :)
  • Rob Go
     - 22 hours ago
    New post: The Voice Interface