September 26, 2008

Excellent primer on the current financial crisis

This is an excellent summary of how the current credit meltdown unfolded.  It’s not high-brow economics, but clear and easy to understand.  I’d recommend it for anyone who is trying to get their bearings right now.

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  • robgo
     - 12 hours ago
    @besvinick it's kind of a funny reversal
  • robgo
     - 12 hours ago
    MBA's today don't say they are students on their LI profile, but use their tech internship as their current status
  • robgo
     - 12 hours ago
    RT @bhargreaves: New Post: Game Development's Four Inflection Points
  • Lee Hower
     - 16 hours ago
    @scottsnews what's your take beyond audience/engagement? Obviously AMZN trying to build orig content but curious what else you see