January 23, 2009

I started using Tumblr because it’s an awesome publishing tool.  It’s really easy to share media, and I don’t feel the pressure to write long posts.

But when the Tumblr Dashboard came out, it also became my preferred UI for consuming content.  Not all content on the web, but the bloggers that I know personally and want to follow on a regular basis.

The problem is that not all of these people are on Tumblr (although I annoy them continuously to get on the service).  I would love a way for Tumblr to ingest outside blogs and insert them into my dashboard.

I suppose this is similar to an RSS feed, but I don’t really think of it that way.  While I might subscribe to dozens of content sources through RSS, I’d probably stick to a much more modest number through Tumblr.  Plus, most of the people I know personally don’t put up multiple posts a day.

If this feature were available, I’d probably include:

1. Hungry Yet Humble

2. Startable

3. Hitchhiker’s Guide to 650

4. My friend Josh’s blog

5. Venturesome

And a few others too.  I wonder if I am alone on this one, but I do think that content consumption is an area often overlooked.  The Tumblr dashboard is a great first step, but I’d love it if I could pull in content from other sources.

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