January 8, 2011

Platforms and Networks: Launching Tech Ventures: Part IV, Readings

Probably the best collection of serious content for entrepreneurs on the web.  Seriously – I might just stop blogging altogether and refer folks to these posts. Thanks Tom.  HBS students, you MUST take this course. 

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  • Lee Hower
     - 3 hours ago
    RT @ganeumann: I hate convertible notes, they're all different. I don't understand why everyone thinks they're simpler.
  • robgo
     - 6 hours ago
    @danprimack when I saw that title, I thought I'd be reading about KP!
  • robgo
     - 7 hours ago
    Congrats to my friend @sravish and the team @Kinvey on their latest round
  • robgo
     - 19 hours ago
    Unprompted comment from a friend who just tried @Bridj for the first time - "it was glorious!"
  • robgo
     - 1 day ago
    @victoriaesong congrats!