February 28, 2011

I have to say, I’m puzzled by the JP Morgan Digital Media Growth Fund. I’ll admit, I don’t know anything aside from what I read in the news. But three things stand out. 1. They are playing in arguably the frothiest part of the market, where valuations are really very high. 2. I don’t see where JP Morgan has real information or relationship advantages vs firms that have done these kinds of deals for a living for a long time – insight, KPCB, Sequoia, etc. So I presume they’ll just pay more in later rounds. 3. I read that JP Morgan doesn’t have any significant skin in the game. Three things that, If true, bode pretty badly for this fund.

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  • robgo
     - 1 hour ago
    @jay_zo a number of these would be too personally identifiable!
  • robgo
     - 1 hour ago
  • robgo
     - 3 hours ago
    I have a running list of recent statements from smart people that show that tech folks are totally out of touch with reality
  • Lee Hower
     - 4 hours ago
    US GDP estimate for Q2 came in at +4.0% annualized growth rate, Q1 revised up from -2.9% to -2.1% --> paints a healthier picture for 1H
  • David Beisel
     - 5 hours ago
    RT @jess: "Twitter's mobile acquisition strategy pays off"