April 5, 2011

Looks like quite a few people took my April fool’s joke too literally.

There were nuggets of truth to the post, but most of it was tongue and cheek.

Truth – there is a big wooden table at the old Bessemer office that I wanted.

Truth – I do want to skate to where the puck is going. But the answer definitely is not Wellesley. Nor is the answer suburban hipsters.

Oh, and btw, we obviously are not raising a $1.61B fund to focus on China. But from what I hear, such a fund would not be too difficult to raise. Although I hear there is quite a bit of investor interest in that sort of fund. 

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    Hiring writers for startup content marketing
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     - 20 hours ago
    @besvinick it's kind of a funny reversal
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     - 20 hours ago
    MBA's today don't say they are students on their LI profile, but use their tech internship as their current status
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    RT @bhargreaves: New Post: Game Development's Four Inflection Points