April 20, 2011

(53/1) Startups: How to Communicate Traction… by Brendan Baker – Quora


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  • Rob Go
     - 24 minutes ago
    RT @dharmesh: This year marks my 20th year as a U.S. citizen. It's been great and I'm thankful. I think I've done right by you too, Americ…
  • Lee Hower
     - 3 days ago
    @epaley doesn't make sense when lower unemp % being driven mostly by ppl dropping out of labor force, not getting new jobs
  • Lee Hower
     - 3 days ago
    @epaley in June 223K new jobs, but 432K people dropped out of labor force… participation fell to lowest in nearly 40 yrs
  • Lee Hower
     - 3 days ago
    @epaley but some have suggested US is moving to a lower equilibrium for full employment, e.g. "normal" unemp % is now lower than historical