June 4, 2013

I’m excited to announce our recent investment in Sunrise.

I first met Pierre (the co-founder and CEO of Sunrise) through Jeremy Fisher, the founder of Wander.  At the time, Sunrise was already on my phone, but was competing for a permanent spot on my home screen along with a number of different applications.  Ultimately, Sunrise won because of its wonderfully intuitive design and how seamlessly it introduced just enough small new features to make my days easier and more productive.

The Calendar is a fascinating category.  It’s one of the last remaining “native” apps on the phone that has not been significantly disrupted by an independent competitor.  It is also one of the few applications that is used multiple times a day, every single day by most professionals and many consumers.  The Calendar is also the nexus of a trove of structured information.  Information that should be leveraged to make life easier and make other services smarter.

It’s early days for Sunrise, but the app has seen great early usage, and some of the highest rates of daily engagement I’ve seen.  I’m excited for this company, and for the road ahead for Pierre, Jeremy Le Van, and the team.  There are some really exciting things planned for the next few months, so stay tuned.

I’m also excited to co-investing with a terrific group of friends both old and new, especially our co-lead, Mike Hirsland at Resolute.VC


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