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High-Failure Strategies

I’ve been thinking a lot about high-failure strategies. Strangely, I think this may be the single biggest shift in mindset that I’ve experienced over the last 5-7 years. It’s somewhat related to the idea of power-law distributions, but is not exactly the same thing. Here’s the idea. If you are facing a problem, there are […]



Guess what is often the worst slide in an investor deck? For me, it’s the competition slide. At best, it’s a list of competitors plotted in some 2×2 or Harvey-ball chart that isn’t terribly helpful. At worst, it’s hurtful. You’d be surprised how often a competitor slide has tons of players, but not the one […]


New Look, Same Guts

Hey hey, check it out, we recently launched our new NextView website and did a refresh on our brand. The home page and the NextView blog are good starting points to explore. We also now have a dedicated page for exploring our platform of resources focused on helping startups gain traction, found here. Below are a few reflections about having […]


What’s With All This “Ethos” Stuff at NextView?

Since we founded NextView in 2010, one unusual thing that we have always had on our site has been some representation of our Ethos. These are a handful of phrases that reflect some of our core beliefs about how we wanted to operate as a firm and interface with founders and the startup community at […]


Why We Added “Hunger” Into Our VC Firm’s Ethos

As many of you may know, we sprinkle some of the core tenets of our firm’s ethos on the NextView website, and they often come up in conversations offline. My partners and I have blogged about some of these individual beliefs over the years, but one that we haven’t really discussed until now is HUNGRY. Investors […]


Three Not So Obvious Learnings from 8 Years in VC

Around this time 8 years ago, I joined Spark Capital and started this chapter of my career in Venture Capital.  About three years later, I started NextView with Dave and Lee.  I knew very little about VC when I started, and as the old adage goes, the more I learn, the more I realize I […]


Market Size

The number 2 more frequent reason why VC’s pass on an investment opportunity is some version of “it’s not big enough“. For a VC to generate a great fund-level return, they need to invest in companies that have billions of dollars of enterprise value. In order to do that, most VC’s decide that each one […]


On Zirtual, the Market, and Back to the Future

It’s been an interesting few weeks in the startup world.  The chatter around Zirtual quickly moved on to the market correction and general nervousness all around. During this time, I happened to catch the second half of Back To The Future II on TV (yes, I still watch normal TV now and then).  This made me […]


Announcing Our Investment in Scratch

I’m really excited to announce our recent investment in Scratch.  You can read some coverage here. The problem that Scratch is solving is something that is quite near and dear to my heart. Since I’ve worked in the consumer internet space, I’ve been interested in the problem of product discovery. How do you select from […]



I’m starting to get really interested in voice as a major computing interface. Prior to my Apple Watch, I rarely ever used Siri. But I find I’ve been using voice more and more, and my experiences with the Echo and the rise of more apps that utilize a conversational interface make me pretty excited about […]


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