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Strange Dream – The Country Music Generator

Rob Go
November 6, 2007 · < 1  min.

I had the strangest dream last night.  I think it shows that I’ve been thinking about work way too much.

I dreamt about visiting an entrepreneur who had developed a really cool new technology.  He played an R&B song for me.  He then played the same song, but the singer now had a southern twang.  “I get it!” I said.  “You’ve created an automatic country music generator!”

I guess I’m pretty lame in my dream. Anyway, what he had developed was the technology to transpose any singer’s voice to any song. Wish that the Goo Goo Dolls covered a Bob Dylan song?  No problem… this tool will allow you to create the Goo Goo Dolls version of “The Girl from the North Country”.

I started getting really excited, thinking about all the cool applications that could come out of this.  When I woke up, I recalled the dream and quickly started thinking of reasons why this would be impossible to accomplish and why it wouldn’t be an attractive product.  

But, I was impressed that my subconscious could think of something that was at least somewhat interesting and somewhat new.  Maybe it’s smarter than my conscious mind… the one that is skeptical and pokes holes in interesting ideas.  

Or, maybe this does exist, and I’m about to have this conversation in a couple weeks.  I hope so… that would be really cool.  Oh Country Music Generator… are you out there?

Rob Go
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