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Who Are The Top Entrepreneur Bloggers?

Rob Go
April 3, 2010 · < 1  min.

I’m getting my IPAD this weekend, which makes me think that I’m going to do even more reading in the near future than I already do.

RSS has made a little resurgence in my life recently.  It’s nice to have a stable of content to read during my commute in addition to the serendipity of great content on Twitter or crowdsourced stuff on Techmeme.

But I’ve found that I’m reading way too much stuff written by VC’s and investors.  Not that I mind, I learn a lot.  But I often learn the most from entrepreneurs (BTW, most VC’s do… where do you think the inspiration for the blog posts come from? 🙂 I know Larry has a great list of top VC bloggers. I’m wondering who the top 20 internet entrepreneur bloggers are.  Please tell me who you read and get the most value from.

I’m particularly interested in guys who share deep and practical knowledge about their sectors of focus.  I’m less interested in entrepreneurs who are hawking their own companies and services (although I understand that there is usually always some of that happening).  I’m also not counting academics/researchers/consultants like Steve Blank or Sean Ellis, although their stuff is excellent. Right now, the three that I follow regularly are:

1. Chris Dixon

2. Dharmesh Shah

3. Nivi and Naval

Who else?

Rob Go
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