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New Investment – SalesCrunch

Rob Go
January 13, 2011 · 1  min.

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I’m excited that one of our recent investments, SalesCrunch is unveiling itself today.

The goal of the company is “to become the de facto standard for how salespeople connect with their customers, to each other, and be the resource where they can develop their professional skills.”

We’re excited for this opportunity because of the large disconnect between the importance of sales as a growth driver for many companies and the platforms available to develop and optimize the performance of sales teams.

To learn more about the company’s mission and products see the SalesCrunch website. If you are an entrepreneur (as many of my readers are) I think you’ll find their CrunchConnect product to be invaluable as a streamlined replacement to other screen sharing and web-demo products on the market.  As always, Charlie O’Donnel at First Round has a nice post on the company as well. 

We’re most excited to be involved in this company because of its founder Sean Black. Sean is a prototypical entrepreneur for NextView because SalesCrunch was borne out of authentic needs that he experienced as the VP Sales at Trulia.  His intuition into the needs of salespeople is critical in building a product that delivers immediate value (and his network among other sales professionals also helped the company get some nice customer validation even pre launch).  

Sean is also a “Tom Brady” entrepreneur who has seen the playbook of success several times, and is stepping into the CEO role prepared for the challenges.  In addition to building Trulia from inception, Sean has worked with Janet Kraus, the founder and CEO of Circles who is now a professor at the Harvard Business School. We are thrilled to be working with Sean, Janet, and a group of really terrific investors

Rob Go
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