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Welcoming Tim Devane to the NextView Team!

Rob Go
June 8, 2015 · 2  min.

Dave, Lee, Jay, and I are really excited to announce that Tim Devane has joined our team!  Tim is a Principal with NextView and is our first team member based full-time in New York.

Since the founding of NextView, we’ve been excited about the New York market and a big chunk of our portfolio is New York based. We’ve been fortunate to partner with some great entrepreneurs and invest in terrific companies like TapCommerce, Sunrise, and TripleLift, and bring on some great NY based advisors like Mark Josephson and Stephano Kim. Although we are excited about what we’ve done so far, we also know that there is nothing like having a permanent presence to be able to have the impact that we want to have in such a vibrant tech community. So bringing on someone full-time in NY and deepening our engagement in the NY tech market was a no-brainer.

As the first new addition to our investment team, we went through a deliberate process in bringing Tim onboard. We will always be a small, tight-knit team, so each member of the firm has a huge influence in the way we operate, make decisions, and collaborate with founders. Our goals in recruiting for this role was to find someone who:

1. Already shared our ethos (authenticity, behaving like an invited guest, hunger, participation in the community, and blank-canvas thinking).
2. Is a “native” of the New York Tech community
3. Will be a great investor

Tim has literally spent his entire professional career in New York Tech, joining Betaworks out of Wesleyan and then spending time operating at and Epic Magazine and investing at Red Sea Ventures. And while many people love startups and are excited about VC, Tim embodies the competitive hustle, entrepreneurial empathy, and optimistic curiosity that we think founders love to see in their investors. We also heard fantastic feedback about Tim from some folks we really trust, which was a huge confidence builder as well.

Welcome Tim! We are really looking forward to partnering together to continue building our firm. If you want to follow Tim online, check him out on Twitter @tdevane or his blog

Rob Go
Rob is a co-founder and Partner at NextView. He tries to spend as much time as possible working with entrepreneurs to develop products that solve important problems for everyday people.