An Uplifting Win

I was very pleased to see that “This is Us” was nominated for 11 Emmy’s and that Sterling Brown won the award for Best Actor in a drama series.

This is Us was my favorite show in the last year and I’ve been encouraging my friends to watch it for a while. I enjoyed it more than House of Cards, GoT, Westworld, Big Little Lies, and whole host of other great shows. And believe me, I love myself a good thriller or dystopian fiction.

It was strangely unique in a very odd way – mainly because it was so different by being so uplifting. Kudos to the writers and actors for pulling it off in a way that was entertaining and not nearly as corny as it could have been. But it made me kind of wonder what it says about modern culture that a show can be counter-cultural by being positive instead of being dark.

I was also pleased to see that San Junipero won the award for best TV movie. It was the only Black Mirror episode that was even marginally uplifting, and I loved it partly because of that.

With a lot of bad stuff swirling around, it would be nice if cynicism fell out of vogue in favor of more optimism all around.

Rob Go

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