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Thanks for reading! Here’s a quick background on who I am: 1. My name is Rob, I live in Lexington, MA 2. I’m married and have two young daughters. My wife and I met in college at Duke University - Go Blue Devils! 3. We really love our church in Arlington, MA. It’s called Highrock and it’s a wonderful and vibrant community.  Email me if you want to visit! 4. I grew up in the Philippines (ages 0-9) and Hong Kong (ages 9-17). 5. I am a cofounder of NextView Ventures, a seed stage investment firm focused on internet enabled innovation. I try to spend as much time as possible working with entrepreneurs and investing in businesses that are trying to solve important problems for everyday people.   6. The best way to reach me is by email: rob at nextviewventures dot com

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    A couple weekends ago, I travelled to Boulder for several days to attend a Reboot Camp with Jerry Colonna, Brad Feld, and a group of other VC’s. Steve Schlafman gave a great rundown on his blog. I wasn’t sure what to expect going in, and I honestly wasn’t sure what I thought on the way […]


    VC is About Saying “Yes”

    My biggest frustration as a VC has been that it’s a very negative job.  You say “No” all day long, and it wears you out.  I’ve warned people getting into the industry about this, because in most operating roles, you end up saying yes much more often, and you feel like you are doing something […]


    Dealing With a Tough Market

    I’m getting asked every day how the volatility in the market is impacting us at NextView and impacting startup companies overall. I’ve struggled to give an answer I really feel good about, because the answer is that a) I don’t have a crystal ball that tells and future and b) how I feel about the […]


    Why EIR’s Have a Tough Time Finding a Company to Start

    I’m supposed to be on vacation this week, so it may be a mistake to try to bang this blog post out. Oh well. I was talking to a good friend of mine who will be starting an EIR gig at a very good VC firm shortly. We were talking about what to expect and how […]


    Goldilocks Capital Raises

    Typically, I think of cash in the bank as a means to reduce the risk of a startup. Makes sense – more cash means more runway, more flexibility, and less sensitivity to the near-term capital markets. When markets are good, the conventional advice has been to take that advantage to raise as much capital as […]


    How We Think About Pre-Seeds at NextView

    On Tuesday, I wrote a post to help define pre-seeds and give context to their rise. You can find that here. On Wednesday, my partner David wrote about how we’ve been using our office space (and network and other resources) to support pre-seed companies. Today, we continue our look a this trend by getting more […]


    Better, Cheaper, More Convenient

    One very broad category of companies are what I’d call consumer transactional businesses. These are companies that offer consumers a product or service (or both) that they are paid for (as opposed to consumer audience businesses that are monetized through advertising). Most consumer transactional businesses offer some combination of three value propositions. 1. Better. The product or […]


    The Niche Pitch

    Some markets are obviously very big. Curing cancer? Health Insurance? Food delivery? Very big. But many markets seem niche. This is true of both consumer and business facing companies. When most startups are created, they seem to be going after niche markets. Sometimes, these companies do go on to be huge huge businesses. Maybe what […]


    Becoming Better

    VC’s talk about being value-added partners all the time. It’s a vague way to articulate the kinds of things that VC board members might do, often with fairly indirect or immeasurable impact. Some firms have specific initiatives that are more directly impactful to a founder and their company, especially stuff around recruiting or sales/BD. We […]


    Outcomes, Circumstances, and Happiness

    I had a profound realization this year that I’m only now reflecting on. It’s been a work in progress, but really culminated this summer when I was on vacation with my family. Every august for the last 6 or 7 years, we’ve spent a week on Martha’s Vineyard and have rented the same house every year. […]