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Thanks for reading! Here’s a quick background on who I am: 1. My name is Rob, I live in Lexington, MA 2. I’m married and have two young daughters. My wife and I met in college at Duke University - Go Blue Devils! 3. We really love our church in Arlington, MA. It’s called Highrock and it’s a wonderful and vibrant community.  Email me if you want to visit! 4. I grew up in the Philippines (ages 0-9) and Hong Kong (ages 9-17). 5. I am a cofounder of NextView Ventures, a seed stage investment firm focused on internet enabled innovation. I try to spend as much time as possible working with entrepreneurs and investing in businesses that are trying to solve important problems for everyday people.   6. The best way to reach me is by email: rob at nextviewventures dot com

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    I’m starting to get really interested in voice as a major computing interface. Prior to my Apple Watch, I rarely ever used Siri. But I find I’ve been using voice more and more, and my experiences with the Echo and the rise of more apps that utilize a conversational interface make me pretty excited about […]



    When an investor “does work” on a potential investment, it usually means engaging in some form of due diligence. One of my favorite VC sayings is from an investor that has said that “due diligence is something VC’s do very studiously when they want to kill a deal”. I’ve often quoted this, half joking, half […]


    Getting Beneath the Surface

    I find that almost all startups look much worse beneath the surface than they first appear. I think this is particularly true of stuff with hyper-growth or really impressive top-line numbers. It’s also particularly true as founders have become more adept at telling their stories and communicating what they’ve done and what they plan to […]


    Welcoming Tim Devane to the NextView Team!

    Dave, Lee, Jay, and I are really excited to announce that Tim Devane has joined our team!  Tim is a Principal with NextView and is our first team member based full-time in New York. Since the founding of NextView, we’ve been excited about the New York market and a big chunk of our portfolio is […]


    Some Interesting Marketing Learnings from Naturebox (via our new podcast)

    We recently launched our new Podcast “Traction”. Check it out here. One of my recent interviews was with Ken Chen, the co-founder and CMO at Naturebox. The company is doing great and Ken is a very strong performance marketer. There were a couple interesting tidbits that I learned from our conversation that is particularly relevant […]


    Introducing Traction, the NextView Ventures Podcast

    This post was originally published on the NextView blog, The View From Seed. Today, we are excited to announce the launch of our new podcast TRACTION. On the show, we’ll explore and share the stories of all the creative, unusual, and clever ways that entrepreneurs find early results. We’ll talk to founders as well as […]


    If This is a Bubble, Why Does It Feel So Damn Hard?

    Are we in a Bubble? Maybe, maybe not. We are certainly closer to a peak than we are to a trough. You read about it, people talk about it, and it’s reflected in financings left and right. Sure, companies are imploding or having troubles too. Newly public companies have big first-day jumps, and equally big […]


    My First Magic Moment with the Apple Watch

    I’ve had the apple watch for a couple weeks now and my experience has been mixed. My quick initial thoughts: It’s a beautiful watch. It feels great (I have the larger size screen, aluminum case, with the white sportsband). The band feels really comfortable, like the size and feel quite a bit. The battery life […]


    Building a Company With The Wind At Your Back

    It’s immensely easier to get a company going successfully when the wind is at your back. I’ve heard a number of different investors say something akin to this, and I totally agree. Some quick disparate thoughts: 1. Building a company with the wind at your back does NOT mean you aren’t being contrarian. Contrarians can […]


    The Unexpected Benefits of Random Change

    I had a meal with a friend of mine a few weeks ago who had been in a bit of a funk for the last year or so.  He has two young kids that take up a lot of time and he does great but emotionally exhausting work (he’s an oncologist).  I noticed that he […]